Background information
Birth name James McCall.
Also known as Jimmy the Lock
Origin Los Angeles, California
Genres Hip-Hop
Occupations Emcee
Labels Alpha Pup Records
Associated acts Customer Service
(Psychosiz, Kail, SP83)
Project Blowed
Thirsty Fish
(Mike Eagle, Dumbfoundead)
DJ Handprints

Nocando (born James McCall) is a West Coast battle rapper and member of the hip hop group Customer Service. He is the 2007 Scribble Jam champion[1][2], host of Los Angeles club the Low-End Theory[3], and is currently on Alpha Pup Records[4].

Music careerEdit

Early Career & Customer ServiceEdit

Nocando first began battling in high school. He would go on to form a trio with high school friends Y-Not and A-ok known as the Weird People. He has stated that the name Nocando was inspired by this, as each of the three Weird People are named for common-use phrases; "No Can Do" "Why Not" and "A-Okay". Following graduation and introduction to Project Blowed Nocando and The Weird People went on to co-found the group Customer Service alongside fellow Blowdians Kail and JoeSue. The group would later add SP83, Psychosiz (now of Thirsty Fish) and Choice Reason bringing its membership to eight[5]. The group would go on to gain battle prominence in the West Coast hip hop scene and respect amongst veteran Project Blowedians including Rifleman, Skeelo, Medusa, Busdriver, Abstract Rude, and Aceyalone leading to Customer Service's inclusion on the 2005 Project Blowed 10th Anniversary release on Decon Records. The song "LIVE @ the Blowed" featuring all eight members was met with critical reception leading to its selection as the albums B-Side single[6]. In 2005 Customer Service was selected as the opening act for the Project Blowed 10th Anniversary Tour.

In 2005 Customer Service released its debut LP entitled "Please Hold". In 2009 Psychosiz, Kail, SP83, and NoCanDo reunited to release the EP "Free Y-Not". Joe-Sue and A-ok both make appearances.

Nocando and Kail are currently labelmates at Alpha Pup Records.

Album information
Please Hold
  • Released: 2005
  • Independent Hip-Hop chart position: -
  • Singles: "Words into Verses", "No Fly Zone" (Does not Appear)
Free Y-Not

Solo & Battle CareerEdit

Following the initial success of Customer Service, the group was dispersed when member Y-Not was incarcerated. During this time Nocando began gaining notoriety especially within the battle circuit with wins over what is believed to be hundreds of emcees[7][8] many of which were already top ranked in their respective regions. [1][2][3][4][5][6] Nocando began travelling, first nationally (Boston, New York, Cincinnati), then internationally (British Columbia, France, England, Germany, Holland) to compete in various hip-hop contests worldwide. Over the years he held various ranks, titles and championships including the 2nd annual "Served" Championship [7] and tournaments held by music stores such as Canoga Park's Basement Records [8]. This continued steadily for several years culminating with his 2007 win of the annual U.S. freestyle battle competition Scribble Jam[1][2]. Nocando participated in the 2007 World Rap Championships with partner Rheteric Rameriz[9] and alongside Rheteric and Project Blowed/Swim Team members Dumbfoundead, Sahtyre, and Lyraflip, he occasionally participates in the West Coast division of GrindTime, its successor[10]. During his time as a battler Nocando released two solo albums; The Impatient EP in 2004 and later Walk the Void in 2006[11]. Nocando has hosted at least two mixtapes with Los Angeles Turntablist DJ Handprints; Sucka Free and Los Scandalous.

Album information
The Impatient EP
  • Released: 2004
  • Independent Hip-Hop chart position: -
  • Singles: "Where the Arguement Starts", "New Shoes"
Walk the Void
  • Released: 2006
  • Hip-Hop/Electronica chart position: -
  • Singles: "Pagan", "Kill Your Babies"

Post-Battle CareerEdit

Nocando has since focused on making and releasing music, only taking time out occasionally to battle.[12][13]

In 2008 Nocando released the L.A. vs Hollywood mixtape[14]. In 2009 Nocando released an EP entitled Nocando is a Virus[14]. In February 2010 Alpha Pup records released Nocando's label debut "Jimmy the Lock".

Album information
L.A. vs Hollywood Mixtape
Nocando is a Virus
  • Released: 2009
  • R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: -
  • Singles: "Good Gravy In The Morning"
Jimmy the Lock
  • Released: 2010
  • R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: -
  • Singles: "Hurry Up and Wait"


(2004) "The Impatient EP"
(2006) "Walk the Void"
(2008) "L.A. vs Hollywood"
(2009) "Nocando is a Virus"
(2010) "Jimmy the Lock"

Compilation Albums Edit

Album information
Danger Room vol.1
  • Released: 2004
  • Independent Hip-Hop chart position: -
Project Blowed 10th Anniversary LP
  • Released: 2005
  • R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: -
  • Single Appearances: "LIVE @ the Blowed"
Sucka Free
  • Released: 2006
  • Independent Hip-Hop chart position: -
Project Blowed for Dummies
  • Released: 2006
  • Independent Hip-Hop chart position: -
Los Scandalous
  • Released: 2007
  • Independent Hip-Hop chart position: -
Danger Room vol.2
  • Released: 2009
  • Independent Hip-Hop chart position: -

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