Flynn Adam
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Background information
Birth name Flynn Adam Atkins
Also known as Flynn
Origin Los Angeles, California, USA
Genres hip hop, Alternative, Electronic
Occupations Singer/Songwriter/Producer
Instruments Ensoniq ASR-10, Korg MS 2000, Vocals
Years active 1996-present
Labels Eartube Empire (1997-2004)
Illect Records (2004)
Gotee Records (2009-2010)
Flynn Adam Records (2010-present)
Associated acts LA Symphony

Flynn Adam is an American Producer/Singer/Rapper originating from Los Angeles, California. He is currently independent and has released a new EP entitled "Bang the Drums". Flynn Adam has also been featured numerous times on RadioU and TVU for his music video, "Such a Time," and is an active member of the hip hop music duoRootbeer. He was also a member of famed christian Hip-Hop group LA Symphony which is currently on hiatus.

Memoirs EP Edit

Main article: Memoirs (album)

In 1996, Flynn Adam created Eartube Empire[1] to release his first EP entitled Memoirs under the name Flynn Adam Atkins. [2]

Louder Edit

Main article: Louder (Flynn album)

After releasing Memoirs Flynn Adam Atkins released his first full length studio album entitled Louder (Flynn adam) in 1997. It was re-released in 2003. [3]

BurntOut Edit

Main article: BurntOut

In 2000, Flynn Adam Atkins went under the name, "Flynn" and released the album BurntOut. [4]

In Like Flynn Edit

Main article: In Like Flynn

In 2004, Flynn signed to ILLECT Recordings and released the experimental hip hop album, In Like Flynn. [5]

Gotee Records Releases Edit

After 5 years of near inactivity with his solo work mainly due to time involved with L.A.Symphony , Flynn came back as Flynn Adam and released 3 digital EPs within the same year, which included 3 music videos, along with one hard copy album which included a compilation of the 3 EPs. In January, Flynn Adam released the digital EP Such a Time including the title track and matching music video which became almost instant hits on RadioU and TVU. Within just more than 2 months, Flynn Adam released another digital-only EP entitled Dishes and then other EP entitled Adios.In May of 2009, a hard compilation of the three EPs was released called 500,000 Boomin' Watts and was available only from the Gotee Records online store or from Flynn Adams official store.

Bang the Drums EP Edit

In April of 2010, Flynn posted a picture of a new EP cover and song on his myspace called "Bang the Drums". On May 19, Flynn announced that his new EP would be release on May 25, 2010.

Discography Edit


Released Title Label(s)
1997 Louder Eartube Empire
2000 BurntOut Eartube Empire
May 4, 2004 In Like Flynn ILLECT Recordings


Released Title Label(s)
1996 Memoirs Eartube Empire
January 27, 2009 Such a Time Gotee Records
March 31, 2009 Dishes Gotee Records
May 26, 2009 Adios Gotee Records
May 26, 2009 500,000 Boomin' Watts Gotee Records
May 25, 2010 Bang the Drums Flynn Adam Records

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