40 Glocc
40 Glocc at the Rider Pt. 2 video shoot.
40 Glocc at the Rider Pt. 2 video shoot.
Background information
Birth name Lawrence White
Also known as 40 Glocc
Born December 16, 1974 (1974-12-16) (age 43)
Galveston, Texas
Origin Colton, California, United States
Genres Hip hop
Occupations Rapper
Years active 1997–present
Labels Zoo Life
Associated acts G-Unit, Mobb Deep, Ras Kass
Spider Loc, Zoo Crew,
Zoo Babies, Village Boo

Lawrence White[1] (born December 16, 1974), is an American rapper, better known as 40 Glocc. He is currently signed to Infamous Records[2] and G-Unit Records.[2][3]


Early lifeEdit

Lawrence White was born in Galveston Texas on December 16, 1979. At the age of eight he moved with his mother to various locations in California, until finally settling in the Inland Empire district of Colton also known as "The Zoo". There, he joined the local set of the Crips gang known as the Colton City Crips, though during an injunction against the Crip set, he later denied his involvement in the gang.[1] He then began to rap with local friends and by 1997, his group, the "Zoo Crew", were recording and promoting their first album, Migrate, Adapt or Die, produced by Tony G and Julio G.[4]

Rap careerEdit

His manager, Perfect Storm then negotiated a deal with Empire Musicwerks, with distribution by BMG. It was through this deal, he recorded and released his first solo effort, "The Jakal", which featured such guests as, Bad Azz, Tray Deee, Ras Kass, Kurupt, Mac Minister, Spice 1 and several others; and such producers as Battlecat and Dr. Dre among several others. It was after this album that he decided to part ways with Empire Music.

His manager had another act located out of New York, called Mobb Deep who were also becoming a success. Mobb Deep was then signed to G-Unit Records,[5][6] and 40 Glocc joined their label, Infamous Records, under the G-Unit imprint.[2][3]

Personal lifeEdit

In an interview, 40 Glocc has stated, that like many of his fellow G-Unit comrades, he has had run-ins with the police, even going as far as saying he was shot by the police (no record of this has ever been located), as well as being shot several other times. He stated that he still remains in close ties to his Crip affiliated gang, and doesn't feel the need to "leave" the street life. In the interview he also stated that he has two children, one of them, a nine year old son named Ero, who when rapping, calls himself "Little He", and wants be like his father.

Recent eventsEdit

40 Glocc is working with artists such as Dr. Dre, The Alchemist and Havoc. He is also currently working on an untitled album. He has also been working with his group, the "Zoo Babies", whilst also trying to promote his label "Zoo Life Ent.".[7] He has also been on tour with such acts as G-Unit, Mobb Deep, and other artists signed to the G-Unit Record label. He's released a song entitled "Where the Hammers At?",[8] the beat for which was later used as the beat for G-Unit's song Rider Pt. 2.[5] He later released a remix to "Hammers" which features G-Unit and their respective verses of Rider Pt. 2.[9]



In June 2008, 40 Glocc was involved in a controversy with artist Tyga by making a video holding a chain stolen from the artist earlier in the week.[10] Tyga then responded with a video of his own.[11] 40 Glocc once again responded in a song featuring Village Boo.[12] Tyga is signed to Young Money Entertainment, which is owned by Lil Wayne, who has also had a feud with 40 Glocc.

Lil WayneEdit

40 Glocc also released a video on 50 Cent's community website, where he, Spider Loc, and associate Village Boo confront fellow rapper and alleged member of the Bloods, Lil Wayne.[13] Spider Loc and 40 Glocc are both members of the Crips, which are rivals of the Bloods. Lil Wayne is one of the artists 40 Glocc takes shots at in his song "3 Amigos".[14] Lil Wayne is associated with rapper Tyga, who's also been involved in a feud with 40 Glocc. 40 Glocc also questioned Lil Wayne, Birdman, and The Game's affiliation with the Bloods stating:

These niggas be wolfin' all that Blood shit and dissin' Crips. When Baby started gang bangin', at 52? And Lil' Wayne started gang bangin' at twenty-somethin'. These niggas got the audacity to be dissin' a whole culture they don't know nothin' about.[15]

Young BuckEdit

He's also been involved in a feud with G-Unit Records artist Young Buck. The controversy arose when Buck began to trade words with the members of the group G-Unit, mainly leader 50 Cent, who had recently dismissed Young Buck from the group.[16] He has released several songs against Young Buck including the song "3 Amigos", which also takes shots at The Game, who is also a former member of both the G-Unit group and record label, as well as a member of the Bloods, as is Lil Wayne, who is also slandered in the song.[14] 40 Glocc questioned Young Buck's supposed involvement with the Crips gang by stating, amongst other things:

[That] nigga Buck be fake Crippin'.[15]

DJ StrongEdit

He's been involved in a controversy with West Coast DJ, DJ Strong. The controversy arose when 40 Glocc felt his mixtape "Outspoken Volume 3" wasn't promoted properly by the DJ,[17] with 40 Glocc releasing a statement:

I wanna apologize to a lot of people that haven't received my "Outspoken Volume 3" yet due to lack of promo from a wack ass Westcoast DJ named Strong. Nigga you better hope I don't see you on the street and beat yo ass up, or let my lil homies deal wit you. Anybody doing a mixtape with this idiot is going nowhere very fast".[17]

40 Glocc then issued a verbal statement to DJ Strong,[18] and re-released "Outspoken Volume 3" as a free mixtape. Strong later replied in a statement to in which he stated he was "unapologetic", but "[felt] bad".[19]

The GameEdit

40 Glocc has released tracks against fellow West coast rapper, and rival gang member, The Game.[20][14] In an animated video released on YouTube, 40 Glocc, and fellow gang member and friend Spider Loc, have made fun of The Game,[21] and in an interview 40 Glocc stated his introduction into the rap industry was unlike The Game's by saying:

Yeah that's what a lot of these fools don't know, 40 Glocc wasn't spoon fed like a lot of these motherf---ers in this rap sh--. When I say spoon fed, I mean, they just hopped in the game and got a deal, and me I been in this. I always had to do my own mixtapes, I always had to do my own sh-- and I was always independent. Don't ever get it twisted and think that 40 Glocc just came out of nowhere like that a--hole Game. That n---- is spoon fed, that's why he don't respect nothing. When you just get handed something that you didn't have to work hard for, that's the way you act. He ain't got no loyalty or no respect, he was a buster before he even got spoon fed, so that just added up to the way he is now.

40 Glocc has also questioned Young Buck's supposed involvement with the Crips, and The Game's affiliation with the Bloods stating:

Fuck these niggas wit' the fake Crippin' and Bloodin'.[15]


Though 40 Glocc once claimed to be a member of the Colton City Crips, when an injunction was filed to stop him and fellow gang members from referencing the gang,[1] he denied his involvement within the gang and their activities.[1]

During the ordeal it was revealed that he falsely identified himself for many years as "Tory Gasaway", yet his birth name is "Lawrence White" as shown by the court documents.[1]


Studio albumsEdit

Collaboration albumsEdit

  • 1997: Migrate, Adapt or Die (with Zoo Crew)
  • 2009: Concrete Jungle (with Zoo Life)

Official mixtapesEdit

  • 2006: Outspoken[23]
  • First Week Sales: 797 copies
  • 2006: Outspoken 2[24]
  • First Week Sales: 6,337 copies
  • 2007: Outspoken 3 (With DJ Whoo Kid, hosted by 50 Cent)[25]
  • First Week Sales: 5,551 copies
  • 2007: That New Nigga (With DJ Nik Bean and DJ Felli Fel)[2][26]
  • First Week Sales: 5,061 copies
  • 2009: I Am Legend (With DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Nik Bean)[27]
  • First Week Sales: 2,707 copies


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